Grphic designer's 2017 new year's resolutions
By Tania Vardi
12 / 29 / 16

2017 is right around the corner, which makes this a perfect opportunity to look ahead and set resolutions for the new year. We might not always live up to our resolutions, but we certainly love planning and designing them. Here are a few of the resolutions we plan on keeping here at Yellowtale!

Try SOmething new

Be open to new experiences. Push yourself to try and experiment with things you’ve never done before. It will help you understand your users better.

Be tidy

Keep your designs organized and properly labeled. It will improve your work and most importantly, prevent your co-workers from killing themselves.

Be curious

Don’t just be a 9-5 designer. Learn about what you’re working on and make an effort to broaden your horizons. You'll be a better designer for it.

Be silly

Have fun in your designs. Try to add some humor and surprise your users. It’s the best way to make a more personal connection with them.

Above all, whatever your resolutions are this year, do what you love and have a very happy new year!