Far Reaching product

As the brainchild of two childhood friends, who would often go fishing with their dads, the intial goal for Fitch was to bridge the generational gap and create something that would answer the needs of recreational fishermen as well as intice their kids to be more involved. What they came up with was a drone that simply grabs the lure and releases it in a desired spot, avoiding the need to try to physically cast beyond any obstacles or in far and hard to reach places. Allowing the user to catch more and bigger fish. With that initial idea in mind, we started exploring the recreational fishing industry in the US, studying the various potential markets, personas and use cases. And what what the research clearly showed was that while the image of a father-son fishing trip is extremely common in american culture, they actually represent a small percentage of the market compared to individual or “buddy” fishing trips. That meant a big change of strategy…

The Strategy

What we came up with was a completley new conecpt. Targeting 25-35 year olds who research showed are in the rising stage of the angler’s participation lifecycle, we developed a brand and user experience that allowed them to enjoy their new found (or rekindled) passion in a way that is consistent with other products and services they use every day on the one hand, but remains true to the traditional nature of the activity on the other.  Including everyting from the name and identity to the app.

The Experience

To keep the experience of the drone non intrusive to the quiet, nature oriented experience of fishing, we tried to keep the use of the app to the bare minimum. The intention was make the drone feel like the natural progression in fishing equipment and an extenssion of the rod. For example, that meant that a long an elaborate onboarding process was replaced by an automatic Bluetooth paring between the app and drone. Keeping it as s simple plug-and-play product, the user simply needs to attach the lure to drone, select a destination on the map screens (which also includes satelitte view) and press launch. The drone then drops the lure and returns automatically to the location of launch.

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